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The importance of a good GPA in college

If you would ever express your goal of getting a 3.5+ GPA, there will always be a back bencher who’d tell you, “GPA doesn’t matter”. However, don’t buy that! GPA does matter, and has its own significance.


It is unfortunate how the statement, “GPA does not matter” is taken out of context. Yes, it is true that a good GPA is not a guarantee for a bright future. However, it certainly opens doors to many good opportunities after graduation. Well, the most crucial part in a college term is the last month. This is when students are assigned a term paper (which is more like a final assignment). Near the end of the last month, the final exams remain scheduled. These exam scores, together with the quality of the term paper mainly contribute to a student’s final GPA. Other factors such as quiz grades and class performance also carry a contribution, however it is low in comparison. Consider your GPA as a ticket to an interview for job or graduate school.


However after you are accepted for an interview, your academic skills and overall personality would be considered! Nevertheless, a GPA is still important to remain eligible for those opportunities at least.